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We know picture-perfect hair is a very real wish for brides on their big day. No one wants to walk down the aisle with flat, lifeless, and thin hair. But how to get those dream locks is a much more confusing and frustrating issue–not unlike that tricky seating chart you’ve been putting off. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already tried a plethora of products to get stronger and longer hair. Shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums, oils–the list is dizzying.

Luckily, our team has found the must-have product for anyone yearning for hair growth. And we even got to chat one-on-one with a recent bride who experienced the healthy hair transformation firsthand.  Jackie Miller is here to share the good news–Nutrafol, a dermatologist-recommended brand of hair supplements, supports hair growth from within. Now you can clear out your shelves and drawers full of lackluster hair products. Nutrafol is the wedding day hair solution you’ve been wishing for. Learn all about Jackie’s experience using Nutrafol below: 

A Bride’s Journey To Healthier, Fuller Wedding Hair

Tell us all about your wedding day

We got married on April 16th, 2022, in Napa, California. I’m Italian, and my husband’s from the South, so I wanted to find a way to blend the two backgrounds. We ended up finding a beautiful barn surrounded by flowers right in the middle of a vineyard. I wanted the vibe to be romantic and whimsical. We also wanted to incorporate some unique vintage touches, so we used tall gold candelabras for the tables and mismatched vintage gold china for the dinnerware

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When did you start taking Nutrafol in relation to your wedding day? 

I’ve actually been taking Nutrafol on and off for years. But I started taking the supplements consistently again about ten months before my wedding day. It can take a few months to see results, so I would recommend starting as early as possible. The longer you take it, the better your results will be.

Tell us all about your wedding beauty style. How did Nutrafol help you achieve it? 

I wanted a soft and romantic beauty style that still had an element of glamor. My dress and cathedral-style veil consisted of lots of delicate lace with just the right amount of drama. I kept my makeup soft and dewy. I had my hair in a low textured bun so I could show off the back of the dress. However, I still wanted my hair to look voluminous and vibrant. After taking the Nutrafol supplements for months, that’s exactly what happened. By my wedding month, my hair was so thick and healthy that even with it up, it still looked luscious and full.  

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Describe your hair now vs. before you started taking Nutrafol 

Before I started taking Nutrafol, the health of my hair was certainly declining. I started seeing more breakage, a small area of thinning near the temples, and I could never get my hair to grow past a certain point. After taking Nutrafol, my hair transformed into the best version of itself. The areas that were thinning started to fill in, and my hair felt stronger, thicker, and overall so much healthier. My hair also now has grown longer than it ever has before. 

Do you think other brides would benefit from taking Nutrafol before their wedding day?

Absolutely! Whether you are struggling with hair thinning, declining hair health, or just want more shine and volume, I truly recommend adding Nutrafol to your wedding prep routine. Brides focus a ton on their beauty and health regimen prior to the wedding, so why not do the same for your hair?

Nutrafol supplements for healthy wedding hair

Just as wedding planning begins months in advance, so does your wedding day hair routine. And if you’ve envisioned longer, shinier hair for your special day, then adding Nutrafol supplements into your life is a must. It’s the trusted way to achieve healthier hair from the inside out.

After purchasing Nutrafol, next on the agenda is selecting your wedding hairstyle. Whether you’re envisioning your hair down and natural or swept into a low bun like Jackie’s, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite wedding hairstyles and accessories. Any style will look beautiful with your longer and stronger strands!

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