With summer weddings come warm weather, vibrant floral arrangements, and bold color palettes. These are just a few reasons why so many say “I do” to a summer celebration. For those couples ready to skip fall, winter, and spring, you’ll be met with a variety of colors that’ll make a summer wedding well worth it. 

Whether you love bright hues or neutral tones, these fresh summer wedding colors are perfect for any outdoor or indoor wedding this season.

Fresh Summer Wedding Colors

1. A Neutral Ivory Moment

2. Lavender

3. Pastel Blue

4. Dusty Rose

5. Sunny Yellow

6. Rainbow

Now that you’ve picked your favorite summer wedding color palette that’s undeniably you, it’s time to kickstart the wedding planning process. And a mood board is the perfect place to begin. Follow this five-step process to create a wedding mood board that captures the essence of your personality, style, and wedding dreams.

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