The day is finally here. You’ve been planning for months (perhaps even years!) and you couldn’t be more excited to walk down the aisle and begin your new life with your partner. In order for you to celebrate with minimal stress, you’ll need to make sure you have the tools you need for success. London based wedding & events planner, Matthew Oliver, is here to give us some helpful tips and advice on wedding day preparation.

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Matthew: “All the ups and downs are fast approaching, but there is always a vague mist when it comes to what to pack for the big day. You may not be coming home until after the honeymoon, so you really need to have everything prepared, because, if you’re like me, you’ll get grumpy if you forget to pack your favorite shirt or toothbrush.”

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“You want your day to be as smooth as ever with no hitches, especially with all the sweat and blood you put into this magical day, so I’ve listed a few essentials of what you will need to pack, along with some important tips too.”

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What to pack for the day of your wedding:

1) Pack 2 separate bags, 1 for the wedding and 1 for the honeymoon, unless you’re not going straight on a honeymoon.
2) Pack all the presents that you’re giving people. Make sure they’re wrapped before, as you seriously won’t have time to wrap presents on the day of your wedding!
3) Of course you can’t forget your attire– dress, accessories, suit etc.! Groom, make sure your shirt and trousers are not creased, so maybe pack an iron too. Lovely bride, if your dress is fairly creased, hang it in the shower room, which should help drop the creases.
4) Pack as if there is nothing at the place where you’re going, just in case! Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, hair dryer, makeup, even toilet paper! You never know.  *great idea if you’re traveling to a new and exotic destination for your honeymoon!
5) Pack all your paperwork – I know that your folder could be the size of the Statue of Liberty, but just in case there are any last minute changes, it’s important to have it with you, unless you have a planner, which I advise of course!
6) If you haven’t got a planner pack all your bits and bobs you’ve collected for decoration etc. Make it easier for yourselves and box them all up for the area you want them, ceremony, table 1, table 2, evening etc.! Also, try and write a list of what is in each box too, seriously this helps people like me massively!
7) Comfort items, if you’re on your own the night before you may want to pack your favorite teddy, film or anything that you love and brings you comfort
8) And, of course, bring your rings!

***We also suggest having a list of your vendors with phone numbers readily available, just in case there are any emergencies.

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Photo by Savo Photography

You want to be sublimely relaxed upon getting ready to walk down the aisle, we suggest doing something relaxing prior to your wedding with your bridesmaids. Perhaps you can all go to the nail salon, get massages, etc.

Last, but not least, enjoy yourself! Delegate any small tasks to others and focus on celebrating your love for one another.

Thanks so much for the great expert advice, Matthew! To see more of Matthew’s work, check out his member portfolio. If you’re wanting more wedding planning advice, check out Wedding Planning 101 – Five Steps to Planning Your Wedding.



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