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We’re so excited to be joined today by exceptional wedding designer and coordinator Kate Whelan who is going to shed some light on how to choose your wedding style. When you close your eyes and envision your wedding, it might be incredibly clear, but for some, it can take more time to determine just the right style for your big day. Kate Whelan has extensive experience in helping recently engaged couples ask the right questions, check out the latest trends, and find inspiration for their ideal wedding style. Take it away, Kate!

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Why Choose a Wedding Style?

I wouldn’t say that you need a specific theme – but a consistent aesthetic better helps convey your story to your guests. The small details that bring together the whole of your event create little memories that anchor your guests’ experiences. Your design isn’t just your color palette – it can be your food and drink, your tablescapes, your music choices, lighting and even smells.

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Helpful Questions to Consider

Where do you shop for clothes and home furnishings?
What are some of your favorite brands?
What are some of your favorite color combos (and which combos do you dislike)?
What is your favorite piece of furniture or art in your home and why?

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Think About What’s Trending

Vintage and Rustic are two very popular styles this year. Classic elegance is making a huge comeback – our clients are very interested in designs that are timeless and less trendy. However, there are always unique ways that you can personalize a classic and elegant event without looking back and feeling that the design is dated or too trendy.

earthy organic wedding decor

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Pick a Color Palette

Some clients feel as though choosing two colors and using very specific shades of them throughout creates too matchy-matchy of a look, where as some people very much love that extremely cohesive look. Some of our clients approach color in a completely different way – they opt to choose 3 to 5 tones to work with, for instance jewel tones, pastels, or bright pops of color that work well together. Sticking to a cohesive palette, no matter how diverse, really helps your eye be drawn to the design and again, allows it to be easily conveyed to your guests.

black and gold wedding style

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whimsical wedding style

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Where to Look for Inspiration

Don’t use Pinterest to come up with unique ideas – Pinterest is a great place to gather ideas once you have a concept in place, but it can easily turn into a cesspool of recycled ideas over time. Turn to your hobbies as inspiration – we are constantly inspired by fashion, interior design, movies and music to create unique design aesthetics that are specific to our couples. You can make just about any hobby or pastime pretty if you work at it.

Thank you so much to Kate Whelan Events for sharing such valuable wisdom on choosing your wedding style. For more expert insight, learn how to plan your floral design.


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