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With daytime weddings are becoming more and more popular, we decided to brainstorm a slew of brunch wedding ideas perfect for you early birds and breakfast lovers! Learn what to eat, what to wear, and how to personalize your brunch wedding ceremony in the most delicious ways!

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Sunny Processional and Recessional Songs

Since brunch weddings typically take place earlier in the day, give a little nod to the bright sunshine with cheery song choices that mention the sun or morning time! Here are a few songs you might want to use:

Pre-Ceremony Pastries & Cocoa

Worried about rumbling tummies interrupting your vows? Before your guests take their seats, warm their hearts and their bellies with hot cocoa and assorted fresh pastries. We promise they’ll thank you later!

Coffee Pouring Unity Ceremony

I bet you didn’t think we could incorporate brunch right into your ceremony! Instead of the oft-seen sand-pouring or candle-lighting unity ceremony, we love the idea of making a perfect cup of coffee together at the altar during your wedding ceremony!

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The Bride

While we totally support going all out for your brunch wedding look, you may find that a wedding gown is a little much for your low-key day. Instead, try a Little White Dress with an extra something special like sparkles or fringe. If a maxi dress is more your style, look for something lightweight and bohemian for a more causal look.


The Groom

Since a brunch wedding is on the more casual side, your groom doesn’t need to suit up in a full tux to say “I do.” For a day wedding, we recommend choosing a blazer and slacks in a lighter color – like tan, dusty blue, or even pink – and fabric – like a linen or cotton blend.


The Bridesmaids

Instead of dressing your gals in traditional bridesmaids dresses, welcome them to choose a floral dress they’d wear to brunch! Chances are they already have something in their closet, but if not, they’ll love the excuse to add a new floral dress to their collection.


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Barista for Hire

Instead of hiring a bartender for your reception, bring in an expert barista to make custom lattes, cappuccinos, and more for your guests! Bonus if your barista is a latte-art pro!

Make Your Own Mimosas

No brunch wedding is complete without mimosas! Having trouble choosing between orange juice, cranberry juice, mango juice, and grapefruit juice? We vote all of the above!

Bloody Mary Bar

The best part about drinking a Bloody Mary is the concoction of extras you can put in your drink. From olives to citrus fruits to bacon, help your guests create the Bloody Mary of their wildest dreams with an open bar of delicious add-ons.

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Appetizers: French Toast & Syrup Dipper

In lieu of traditional wedding reception appetizers, surprise guests with the sweet treat of French toast and syrup dippers!

Main Dish: Build-a-Breakfast

Love pancakes and waffles? Omelettes? Breakfast tacos? Of course, you do! Let your guests create their own sweet or savory breakfast with a variety of toppings for the dish of your choice.

Dessert: Donut Tower

We’re all for eating cake for breakfast, but if you want to ditch the idea of a wedding cake, consider having a donut tower instead!

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Mug + Coffee Beans

The best part of waking up is free coffee in your cup! Give your guests a little pep in their step come Monday morning with a bag of your favorite coffee beans and a cute mug with your names on it.


Jars of Jam

Keep the brunch love going by gifting your guests jars of jam for a delicious breakfast on the go!


Complementary Sunglasses on Each Chair

Speaking of the sun, a morning wedding means it may be extra-bright out for your guests who want to be able to see you say “I do!” Help them shade their eyes in style with a cute pair of sunnies when they take their seats.


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