There’s so much attention given to ensuring brides feel their best on the morning of the wedding, so we want to make sure grooms know how to make the most of their wedding day, as well! There’s really no better way to kick those pre-ceremony jitters than by spending the entire morning with your best guys. So, take a cue from the bridal party tradition, and make an event out of getting ready together. Here are 8 tips for making the most of your wedding morning so you’re feeling and looking your absolute best all day long!

Even if your wedding morning isn’t packed with tasks, we highly recommend you start the day early so you’re not feeling rushed at any point. As much as you might want to, this is not the day to sleep in! You’ll need all the time you can get to cross everything off your list while stilling allowing some buffer time to account for unforeseen events or complications. If you’re not sure where to start, use the bride’s getting-ready timeline as a guide, schedule every activity for a specific time, and be conservative with assuming how long each activity will take. Make sure to give a copy of the schedule to all your groomsmen beforehand so they can plan ahead and be on time the morning of the wedding. To save time in the morning, make sure to have everything packed that you’ll need for the wedding day and the honeymoon.



This should probably go without saying, but you definitely should plan to eat a big meal with your guys before the ceremony. This might be the last time you can eat until the reception — and even then you might not get to eat as much as you’d like while being pulled for conversations, photos, and dancing. So, either hit up your favorite breakfast joint, have food delivered to your getting ready venue, or get everyone involved by whipping up a hearty meal together. Balance is key, so make sure it’s packed with protein to keep you full all day. And don’t forget the coffee!

After you’ve fueled up and before you dive into the getting ready process, take some time to get moving and to work out some of that nervous energy. Plan a touch football game, throw a frisbee around, or head to a nearby driving range to hit a bucket of golf balls. This is the perfect time to clear your mind, get high on those endorphins, and get into a positive mindset that you can carry throughout the entire day. Keep in mind: if you’re planning to get super active and sweaty, make sure you have access to a shower so you can clean up before the ceremony!

If you didn’t give out your groomsmen gifts at the rehearsal dinner — or you wanted to make it a more personal experience — make sure to set aside time the morning of the wedding to distribute gifts. DLM Supply has gift ideas from dozens of brands that would fit any personality, from wallets to watches and everything in between. We also have a list of the best Etsy groomsmen gifts if you’re looking for even more ideas! Try to choose gifts that are personalized for each groomsman and that can either be worn for the wedding or used frequently after the wedding day.



Now that you’re feeling your best, it’s time to make sure you’re looking your best. If you want to give yourself and your groomsmen an extra relaxing treat, hire a barber to come in and give everyone a straight-razor shave. The bride and bridesmaids aren’t the only ones who deserve to be pampered! If you’d prefer to keep it low-key, you could also pick up specialty shaving kits for everyone to use themselves.



As a general rule, you and your groomsmen should start getting dressed 45 minutes to an hour before you’re needed for photos. It’s better to be ready early than to feel rushed at the very end, and we guarantee you won’t regret leaving that much time to get dressed. The best case scenario is that you have extra time to take photos with your groomsmen. But, in the event that you have forgotten something or a button pops off your jacket, you’ll have plenty of time to send someone to find or fix your attire. If you’re looking for style ideas, make sure to take a peek at these 2018 groom style trends (and shop the links below).



While most of your getting ready time will be spent with your groomsmen, it’s a good idea to schedule a few private moments for yourself at some point before the ceremony. Whether you take this time to hand-write the vows you typed up on your phone, double check your honeymoon bag, or go into a quiet space to pray or meditate, giving yourself time to reflect and mentally prepare for the day ahead will help you feel grounded and present before the rush begins.

Once you’re all ready to go, the final thing to do is raise a glass to you, your wedding day, and the guys who will be standing by your side. Pick up a bottle of your favorite liquor — or break out that fancy bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion — and take a shot just before you head out the door. It’s officially time to get the party started!


Now that you know how to make the most of your wedding day, find out how you can get involved in the wedding planning process from start to finish!

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